Monday, February 18, 2008

you wanna be on top?

i was watching ANTM reruns tonight, so after avery's bath we decided to do a photo shoot! okay, so she really didn't have a say, but i think that she enjoyed getting FIERCE!!

tyra's got nothing on avery.

this is avery's version of blue steel courtesy of derek zoolander.

this is her cheech and chong look. very hot.

ooh... vulnerable.

*gasp* magnum!!

come hither, baby.
she's scheduled to do her six-page spread in Hot Baby magazine this spring. look for it at a news stand near you.


Livi said...

A. That hoodie is ADOR
B. Avery is the cutest name ever
C. Yeah for AMNTM
D. Yeah for being blog friends

Meagan said...

Mandy!!!!!!!!!! She is the cutest thing ever! Wow....I can't get enough. It is apparent that she has your crazy wild personality.

KCannonM said...

oh my gosh this post is hilarious! i love you. you are the coolest mom eva. and avery! i can't get enough of her. those brown eyes! love the pics.

Jane said...

hahaha. I LOVE IT! Best mom evvvverrrr. She is SO cute.

Melissa Braegger said...

Avery is getting so big. I saw that she had a couple of chompers. Yeah for teeth. McKenna will someday have some I hope. Did you watch ANTM last night? I watched it this morning because I was at the Suns vs. Lakers game. Great time.