Saturday, September 27, 2008

this week i...

beyond the return of my beloved office, i got a lot done this week! i got to see my friend, lori, and her new baby, DJ, i got to hang with my long lost BFF, maria, AAAND i got a lot of packing done. we move on wednesday!! i also...
threw a birthday party for one of klayton's best friends, glen...

while klayton showed off his waiter-ing skills.

glen loved the pumpkin spice cake that i made him with chocolate leaves on top!

i had a lovely day in rexburg with mandy and the fam.

we took the kids to the rexburg tabernacle and played in the leaves.

elle and ava love stealing my camera and taking pictures.

...and, finally, i got to hang with the coolest kid ever. avery cracks me up. this week she has become OBSESSED with books. she'll waddle down to her room and come back into the living room with a book as big as she is. then she'll hit me with it or try to yell "BOOK" at me (sounds like "BAAK"), and she'll smile really big when i take it from her and put her on my lap. she is such a talker because of all of the reading we've been doing. she knows all of the parts to Pat the Bunny (coolest baby book ever) and makes tons of animal noises now (duck, cow, donkey, sheep). anyway, i'm blabbering, but my kid is the coolest.
you're just going to have to get over it.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

welcome back

it's back.
AND jim and pam are engaged.
AND michael is still an idiot.

life is good.

Monday, September 22, 2008

first blood

saturday night avery and i went to a wedding reception in rexburg for klayton's cousin, douglas. klayton was working, so avery and i went with mandy and her family and had a blast. spencer and his kids came (juliet was working), too, and it was really good to see them. w were all talking and playing at the reception when avery fell and busted her lip open. it was pretty scary to see her face covered in blood when i picked her up, but she stopped crying pretty quick and it was no big deal. i got some pretty cute pics of her fat lip, though.

Friday, September 19, 2008

please use your powers for good

cress creek is one of my favorite places in this area. klayton and i sneak up all of the time to go hiking and enjoy the view of the valley. it's an awesome trail that is paved part-way up, and goes up and around in a loop. it's only about two miles long, but it is just so fun and pretty and close. avery loves it, too. she grabs at all of the trees, looks at all of the lizards that her dad chases, and shouts "HI!!!" at everyone who walks by. today klayton and i played with the self-timer on our camera and got some pretty sweet shots. check out my beautiful home!

Monday, September 15, 2008

viva las vegas

avery and i had so much fun in las vegas the last two weeks. we shopped, helped my mom with mallory's wedding stuff, got to be there for both zach and my dad's birthdays (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! love you both), and had mallory's shower on saturday. i got to hang with my sister and some friends and it was a great couple of weeks. we got back yesterday morning, and avery is missing all of the attention. she is cutting EIGHT teeth right now. EIGHT. so she misses grandma and grandpa like crazy. she's definitely grandma's girl. every morning my mom would get up with avery and they would play until mom had to go to work. when i would get out of bed and try to get avery, she would cling to her grandma for dear life.
the shower was a huge success. i helped make the food and mom designed the adorable English Tea Party theme and everyone had a great time. check out the pics. good to be home.