Wednesday, February 20, 2013

sisters are doin' it for themselves

 This Christmas all my mom wanted were nice pictures of the girls- especially Carter. It seems unbelievable but we hadn't taken any professional pictures of Carter since she was nearly one! And even then, she wouldn't smile at all. Not even once. 
So here are a few of our favorites.
Hopefully someday soon we will be able to do a family portrait with BB, but for now I am in love with these girls and all of their energy and wildness and love for each other.  It really melts this mamma's heart. Also, could they be more gorgeous!? 
The answer is no. 

all about Butter Boots

It feels so amazing to start putting together "Baby Brother"'s nursery. 
Baby Brother is what the girls call my tummy. 
And what Carter calls her tummy, too. 
For example, if you grab Carter around the middle to hoist her up to get a drink at a drinking fountain, she will indignantly tell you, "Hey!! You're hurting Baby Brother!"
Aerial Belly View- January 2013
These two girls are so excited to have a little brother. Avery frequently reminds us that her wish came true- her wish for a brother. I think she's such a remarkably good kid, she deserves a good my-wish-came-true feeling. 

Avery loves to play games, especially in the car. She makes them up constantly- the rules always changing. Lately her favorite has been scenario games, such as "What are you most excited to do when it's summer?" (the girl may look a whole lot like K, but she was meant to be live in the desert- she craves summer and sun constantly!). One day, when we were driving home from the library and playing "What do you think we should name Baby Brother?", it was Carter's turn. "Carter, what do YOU want to name Baby Brother?" Avery asked- refusing to answer the question herself because she "Couldn't think of the right name"- although she was glad to shoot down others ideas. 
Carter paused for a minute, then replied, "Umm.... Butter Boots!"
Princess Carter, the Magnificent.
We all laughed- no one as hard as Avery. After hours of pleading that we actually write the words "Butter Boots" on this poor boy's birth certificate, we decided that Butter Boots could be Baby Brother's nickname. I can't quite decide if I'm in love with this, or if I'm hoping they will forget about it. I think I'm leaning toward the former. How can the kid be dull with a nickname like Butter Boots before he even has made his big debut!?

I love it when people ask about his name- and feel honestly jealous of those who feel confident to name their baby before they meet them! I just never can- which, in Carter's case, resulted in her being called Baby Girl Tietjen for two whole days. I do have a pretty good idea of what he will be named, but we have a few names in reserve, too, in case he just doesn't look like a fill-in-the-blank. My mom begs me to at least tell her our ideas, but I have stubbornly decided not to share. So I keep telling her that we are 100% planning on naming him Thor. You know, just to make her a little crazy. 

The only problem is, now K is really starting to like the name Thor. Backfire. 

Oh well, I guess good ol' Thor "Butter Boots" Tietjen has a bright future ahead of him. As what, I'm not sure. Exotic dancer? You have to admit, Magic Mike has nothing on Butter Boots. Either that or he'll work at Pixar or as a boom mic guy on movies and they will print his name in the credits just like that, BB and all. And people everywhere will feel sorry for him, and whatever he did to deserve the nickname Butter Boots. Or the first name Thor.

My c-section is scheduled for the morning of April 30th, so unless I finally get to experience real contractions, this little guy will share a birthday with my sister-in-law, Juliet, and my cousin, Rebecca! It's hard to feel like the surgery is inevitable, but with my history I feel grateful to know that he will be in good hands, however he comes into the world. 

I have felt really, really great so far this pregnancy! I am entering the Holy-Crap-Moving-Around-Is-Really-Hard phase of pregnancy already, which makes me a little crazy. But friends who have been there keep reassuring me that pregnancy number three really let's you know who's boss. Baby Brother is a big-time kicker, which I love! It's such a miracle- baby making. Braxton Hicks have already started up in a big way, too, which is new for me. My biggest pregnancy complaint is heartburn. Constant, no-matter-what-time, no-matter-what-I-eat heartburn. But then I remember the NICU with Av, or being on bed rest for a lot of my last trimester with Carter, and suddenly heartburn seems like no big deal.
This is how you run to the store to buy ice at 9pm on a Wednesday night to keep your pregnant wife happy. Like a boss. In pink.
This morning I folded and put away all of the baby clothes for Baby Brother in his nursery. We don't have much, and I still feel overwhelmed that everything we own is pink- how different a boy will be!!- but the Robots and Sports Gear and Dinosaurs that I piled in his drawers this morning make me all giddy, and I know we'll figure it out. I was such a tomboy growing up, and am still a 13-year-old boy at heart, honestly.
I really love Robots.
But Carter is just entering her "It's PRINCESS Carter, mom!" phase. 
But she's so excited to have a baby, and is constantly playing momma-and-baby with her big sister.
But, seriously, there is so much pink here. 
But K is already planning on the Legos they will play together when BB is old enough.
But the mood swings that go on in this house...
...Well, I'm sure Butter Boots will be just fine. 
I mean, I really do like Robots.
My girls, me, and a whole lot of attitude. Good luck, Baby Brother!
  I remember being so nervous about being the mother of two little girls, but, even though a baby boy is foreign territory, I feel really peaceful and excited about adding this little guy to our family.
Bring it on, Butter Boots! We're ready when you are.