Friday, September 18, 2009

i'm just trying to change the color on your mood ring

Today I am obsessing over...Homemade Chicken Stew with Biscuits. Mmmm Thanks for this recipe, Barefoot Contessa. I'm so excited for Fall! Soup and sweaters and scarves and sssstuff. Sorry- had an S theme going. Muse. Their new album, The Resistance. Their hair. Their voices. Their Britishness. Their morning-breath (okay, haven't experienced this one, just trying to paint a picture here). Pretty much everything about them. Whether I have officially switched sides for New Moon. The way they styled Rob with his blazers and his lame hair coupled with the fact that Rob himself is acting super douchey lately makes me wonder... Okay, the fact that this Taylor kid is super sweet and cute and pretty much half-naked the entire movie MAAAAAAY have something to do with it, too. I'll never stop loving MY Edward (you know, the one that only exists in books/my head who is the perfect, headboard breaking man of every girl's dreams), but movie Edward is not doing so hot in the polls (you know, the poll that consists entirely of my opinion) right now. These two. Aren't they the cutest? Klayton calls Avery his little Joey Ramone when her hair is all in her face like this.Whether or not to murder our new puppy. Okay, sorry- that's a little harsh. But seriously, if he poops on the floor one more time after he was JUST outside I think he's going to go "live on a farm", if you know what I'm saying.

...I mentioned Muse already, didn't I? Shoot. Sorry bout that.

This book. I picked it up at the library last weekend and Avery is crazy for it! She calls it "Wocket in Pocket" because There's a Wocket in my Pocket is the only Dr. Seuss book we own and she loves it, too. She has had me read this to her about 3 times per day every day for the last week, though and I don't mind a bit. It's fun to read and I love how mesmerised she is by it, though I doubt she has picked up on the deeper meaning (if there is one. I love how people give this book as a graduation gift and things- truly about 99% of it is nonsense. Brilliant nonsense, but nonsense none the less.) and I'm quite surprised she's not weirded out by the odd, acid trip quality of the pictures in the book. Hmm. Oh well.

Tomorrow night I'm throwing a birthday party for a friend of mine in our backyard and we are going to project a movie onto the side of our garage. Yes, we tried doing this on the 4th of July and got my father-in-law's projector stolen while we were watching fireworks. No, we will not be letting the projector out of our sight this time. But I'm super excited! I love doing stuff outside on beautiful Summer nights (just because I'm excited for Fall doesn't mean it's here yet. I made that chicken stew in 90 degree heat yesterday) and I hope Nathan is excited for his 18th Birthday bash!

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Mickie Ann said...

Rub the dog's nose in the poop... they hate that... it suppose to stop them.

Rob - mr Edward ---- I hate actors/movie stars/ singers.... they live off of us... plus they are so Sodem & Gamora.... I like movies... hate the actors... don't give them a time of day!! (sorry my little shpill)

Enjoy the movie thing .... sounds like fun - to bad someone stole it!!

oh and I love sweater season also - it's my fav!!