Monday, September 14, 2009

you knew it was coming

But did you expect it to be THIS good!? Me neither. Ah-ma-zing. I think I switched to Team Jacob and back to Edward again about 8 times during this preview. Klayton asks me, "Wait, is there still a Team Jacob? He lost."
Just watch this preview and you tell me. I say Team Jacob is alive and well! But maybe that's just because I'm sick of seeing Edward in that sport coat and seeing real life Robward being such a grungy tool with his plaid shirts and chain smoking. Still love him, though! Love it all!


Mickie Ann said...

wow!! Well.. there is no team Jacob here... he is just obsessed with Bella and can't get off it. ( I just noticed your countdown - haha) Exciting!!!

Meagan Briggs said...

Ryan and I saw this trailor on the VMA's last night. Ryan goes, "Man, that looks awesome!" I am so happy because I really think it looks a million bazillion times better than Twilight. HOORAY. We should seriously get a girl group together to see it.