Tuesday, September 1, 2009

it's catching

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins comes out today! If you haven't heard of The Hunger Games by the same author; 1) Where do you live? Under a rock!? How are you even reading this post right now!? Is someone transmitting it to your cave using Morse Code? 2) Go out right now. Buy/rent/steal (just kidding about the stealing part... mostly) The Hunger Games immediately, read it, and send off your thank you note (if you need my address you can email me) and/or the written promise of giving me your firstborn in gratitude. Then I am sure you will know why I am so excited that Catching Fire, the sequel to Hunger Games, is out! If you are wary of book recommendations by me because you weren't too into Twilight (all two of you that exist in the entire universe), this book is nothing like that (except that they are both amazing). And everyone I have forced to read it so far has loved it.

Yes, you may consider this a challenge to disagree with me over the awesomeness of this book. The gauntlet has been thrown down. I dare you. I double dog dare you (gasp!! I messed with dare protocol and skipped straight to the DOUBLE DOG DARE! That's right! What!?).
And now the sequel has come out!! Yay!! Wait... what am I doing talking to you about it? I have some reading to do. Excuse me.

Here's what I had to say about The Hunger Games on goodreads.com:
The Hunger Games (Hunger Games, #1) The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins

My rating: 5 of 5 stars The Hunger Games is amazing. I can't believe I'm actually going to type this, but when I finished I was hungry for more! haha. Written in first person perspective in the present tense, I have never read a book where I felt more involved from the first chapter, even though I have practically nothing in common with the heroine of the story. Katniss is a young girl who lives in a dystopian society where the government's oppression is somewhat remnicent of 1984's "Big Brother". To save her little sister she chooses to participate in the bloody, last-man-standing battle between Districts held every year called The Hunger Games. This book is riveting and if you haven't picked it up yet, do. Now.

I just read this book again, this time aloud to Klayton. Now that I was familiar with the story, the characters came more alive than ever, especially Katniss and Peeta and their twisted relationship. I quite literally cannot wait for Catching Fire to come out in a couple of months!

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Jane said...

can't WAIT to read this. i absolutely devoured Hunger Games and have been urging my roommates to read it. Thanks for reminding me.