Tuesday, January 27, 2009

rebel without a cause

Klayton and I watched Rebel Without a Cause the other night, and I loved it. I haven't seen that movie since I was in high school, but it really is outstanding. If you are looking for a movie to watch, check this one out at your local library (guaranteed to have it and it's free!).
I also had a pretty fun time comparing my little Av to Natalie Wood in this movie. Not her character, but her looks. My brother, Adam, loves comparing Av to Audrey Hepburn, his favorite old movie star, but with Avery's curly-at-the-ends hair, she totally looks like more like Nat to me. Check out the pics of Audrey and Natalie (and Avery!) and see for yourself. And, no, it was not a coincidence that I picked pictures of these two ladies with my favorite leading men of all time.
One more thing that I couldn't help but reflect on (after I drew a line from Natalie to Avery) is how much the word REBEL applies to my life right now. Avery discovered "NO." this last week. "Avery, did you sleep well?" (my usual question when Avery wakes up) is now answered by "NO." instead of her usual "Peep wew". When I told my mom that I was now in the "NO." phase of parenting, she replied, "Get used to it. This phase never ends."

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

sucker punch

Well... hmm, how to phrase this delicately...
I got duped. There's no two ways about it. When my dewy-eyed Young Women (I'm YW Second Counselor in my ward) asked me if I would be a leader on their upcoming camp-out, I readily agreed (I want them to think I'm cool and up for anything, right?). WRONG.
They were serious about the up-coming part. We went camping OUTSIDE on January 2nd. In the mountains. In the snow. I don't know if you are understanding this. I slept in a TENT in the SNOW in the MOUNTAINS for a whole NIGHT.
Let's just say that I will never, EVER do that again. I love my Young Women, and we may have had a leetle fun, but it was sooo no worth it.
Ashley was my only consolation. She is the 1st Counselor and 17 days older than me and we've become fast-friends. We have too much fun talking about Twilight and being silly and I love her tons already. Check out our silly SNOW camping pics.

ketchup - happy new year

We rang in the New Year in style with Klayton's brother and his wife, Shellena. Avery wore her Elmo Winter dress (and went to sleep at 8pm), and we played games, ate too much, and upheld some Spanish traditions (eating twelve grapes at midnight to see how many of our months would be sweet and how many would be sour and making wax melting predictions). It was a great time... just excuse the picture of me and Klayton at midnight- we don't usually stay up that late and we look like zombies.

Monday, January 19, 2009

elmo, squeaky shoes, and rock and roll

Here's a compilation of the video footage I recorded over Christmas. She's getting so big!

first things first... christmas

Here are some pics from our amazing Christmas at the Cabin with my family. ALMOST everyone was there (we missed you Mally and Joshy) and I had so much fun watching Avery play with her Uncles, Grandma, Grandpa and Great-Grandma Clark.
playing outside in vegas. yes, that is snow in the background.

grandpa and avery

my mom found this kid's snowsuit at the cabin... it was a size 4T! haha. but, as tim gunn would have suggested, we made it work.

avery loved to be pulled on the sled.

heading out to chop down a christmas tree on christmas eve.

avery came along for the ride.

we got the coolest charlie brown christmas tree. it was saweet.

zach dressed up as santa.

avery LOVES opening presents.

christmas morning

big girl

avery's new kitchen

opening Elmo Live!

playing rock band II with uncle adam.

thigh-high snow.

grandma's girl.

Monday, January 5, 2009


i am alive! my computer bit the dust just before new years, so i have been MIA, but i promise to post holiday pics and vegas pics and snow camping with the young women pics soon. but, for now, i am at the library and my time is almost up and there is a scary-looking dude looking over my shoulder.

i'm scared.