Thursday, September 26, 2013

pudge fudge nudge budge sludge judge grudge trudge

This little man is blowing my mind/melting my heart too, too much lately. 
Which, really, only leaves, like, a spleen and liver and stuff...
Let's just say I'm not 100% most of the time. 
So you'll please forgive me if I, like, forget your name or trip over aboslutely nothing.
I am a walking Medical Miracle, after all. 
That face! That pudge! I'm a goner.
This guy is rolling, scooting on his belly, smiling and laughing, sleeping through the night, and winning Biggest and Best Owl Eyes awards the whole world over.
And just last night he discovered his toes
Honestly, I couldn't possibly love him more. 

Because he's changing so quickly, I find myself anxious to spend all of his waking hours staring at him.
Usually while doing this, I secretly wish that Avery's nightly prayer ("And please bless that Finn will stop growing and stay little and cute forever.") would come true.
I'll eat you up.
...Just kidding. 
That would be tragic. 
Because, however fun it is to have this teensy roly-poly-pudgy-wudgy guy in my life, I can't wait to see how he will change and grow tomorrow. 
And the next day.  

You know, as long as looking at his adorable cheeks doesn't, like, collapse my lungs next.

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Bethany said...

He is a darn handsome guy. Almost makes me wish I had a daughter for him to marry. But not quite. :)