Sunday, January 22, 2012

have a cup of cheer

I realized this Christmas that if I could freeze time and live my life Groundhog Day style, I just might have done it to relive this holiday over and over again. Celebrating the Christmas season with my two beautiful little girls, my husband, my parents, my siblings, my grandmothers... I can't imagine that life will get much better than this. 
But, since things can't last this way forever, I will inundate you with many more holiday photos.
Resistance is futile.
 Look at these two beauties! I can't get over them.
 Here's Uncle Spencer (Carter's favorite. Shh! Don't tell the others!) and my little mischief-maker.
 Those are some runway-ready faces.
 Making cookies with my girl!! Look at that frosting face! Don't worry though- she takes about three baths a day when we are either at Grandma and Grandpa's cabin or their home in Las Vegas. It's ridiculous and I love it. 
She loves cooking with me and is such a great helper!
No, really. She is!
I mean, you know, I go through about 15 spatulas because she keeps forgetting that she can't lick them while we are still baking, but other than that...
 Cousin Twins. Three weeks apart (Carter is older), baby Giles and Carter are the best of pink-cheeked friends.
 I love these boys! (Zach, Giles and K not pictured, but included in the sentiment none the less).
 Look at them!! So sweet.

Friday, January 20, 2012

this is Halloween... err... Christmas Town

Our Christmas was wonderful, in a Nightmare-ish kind of way. 
Yes, Avery's obsession with the macabre has yet to end, and I for one am loving it. Who needs more adorable, bright-eyed little girls who love ponies and dollies and pink and flowers and sunshine?! Bo-ring
Santa, therefore, brought Av a Jack Skellington doll, and a few shrunken heads (that last part was a joke). 
No, this is not our front yard. 
Yes, we are the kind of parents who will slam on the brakes, flip a U, and hop out of our car to take pictures on someone else's front lawn to make our adorable little goth baby happy. 
Moving on. 
We spent Christmas at the cabin in Pine Valley, in the mountains just outside of St. George, and it was super wonderful. The kids all got along really well, there wasn't much snow (yay!) and I love spending time with my parents, siblings, children and hubs. The End. 
 ...okay, not quite the end. Here are some great photos from our great time. 
The boys in their matching Christmas PJs. Aren't they cute!? Oh, and yeah, my little brother, Spencer, likes to pretend he is the devil.  NBD
 Matching babies!!
 Santa brought Carter her very own baby doll! She loves being a mama, which naturally includes sharing binkies, giving kisses, and dropping baby whenever she is bored. Isn't she the sweetest!?
 Christmas Eve story time!
 Christmas morning makes grumpy babies. Oh, and Carter looks pretty sleepy, too. Oooh Burned!
 Sleepy Gi.
 Avery with her Jack Action Figure!
 For my brother-in-law, Josh, my mom bought Christmas Crackers. I rocked that paper crown with my sister sister.
 Josh and Carter twins.
 Uncle Spencey and Gi-guy.
 Candy and toys and not enough sleep. Isn't Christmas the best?
Avery's new ladybug backpack was a big hit, but as the day wore on, her smiles for the camera wore out. 
I know this is a month late, but I hope you all had a very merry Christmas!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

step out into the dark

Beginning a new semester after what seems like six months off (wait, it was six months off!) is daunting. It means new schedules and more organization. Less sleep and a lot less "me time" with infinitely more guilt peppered into my days because there are infinitely more "Go to your room"s and "Not now, Mommy is doing homework"s. But, as I type this in the last five minutes before Avery's rest time movie ends and Carter inevitably wakes up cranky and hungry from her nap, it also means more organization, more quality to the time I spend with the girls, more structure and more fulfillment. I hope.
I love resolutions and this New Year I have a lot! If everything goes according to my carefully laid plans (ha!) then this year is going to be spectacular.