Sunday, May 23, 2010

it's a party, it's a party for Avery!

Last Saturday we threw Avery's third birthday party in our backyard! I wasn't quite sure how it was going to turn out. I mean, usually this sort of thing is my favorite! But at 35 weeks pregnant, technically still on bed rest, waddling around after 10 kids and trying to cook and bake and all of that stuff really wasn't going to happen. So this year we scaled it down a little, inviting only family and a few close friends, and I let Baskin Robbins to the baking. Doing that, along with my saint of a mother coming from Las Vegas for the weekend and taking over just about everything else, made the party a huge success! ...Oh, and one other thing. Klayton got the idea about a month ago to my super talented LP, Ashley, and asked her to help him make a DJ Lance Rock costume! Without telling me! I knew he was up to something, but I seriously had NO IDEA what! When he showed up dressed as DJ Lance I thought Avery was going to faint! The best part (besides the perfection of the costume! Seriously, they went all-out!) was that Avery had no idea it was her dad, even though DJ Lance looks like this:

and Klayton looks like this:

Klayton and Ashley's surprise made it the coolest third birthday that any kid could ask for! There was a pinata shaped like DJ Lance's Boom Box, lunch, cake, presents (including an amazing new swing set from Grandma and Grandpa Clark! Avery is obsessed), games, Dancey-Dance Time... the works! Avery had an amazing time, and so did her cousins. I can't believe she's three!!! Here are some more pictures from the party. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

you complete me

I printed these collages out and hung them up at Avery's birthday party yesterday. I can't believe my little 2 pound baby is three years old today!! One thing is for sure, I can't imagine life without her. I'm so grateful to be her mom!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

sneak peak

I'm going to sit down and write a big old post about Avery's 3rd birthday party soon, but until then I'll leave you with this little sneak peak... Happy Birthday my baby girl!!!!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

and i'm feelin good

Last weekend, hospital. This weekend, heaven! I'm feeling so good. My BP has levelled out so the doc has turned off my fasten seat belt sign and I'm now free to roam about the cabin (airline humor! That's how good I'm feeling! haha), meaning that I am off of strict bed rest but still supposed to be taking it easy. So Avery and I have mostly been hanging out at home, which is nice. I love still being able to take care of her and myself and this baby and Klayton (though the poor guy is still eating frozen meals and take out 90% of the time). But a few weeks more and we'll have a new baby! It's insane to think about!!
I promise I have been taking it easy. And I do feel great. So this weekend I have loosened my leash a little bit, and it has been the best Mother's Day weekend a girl could ask for! So far I:
Saw this. Last night some friends of ours invited us to go to Iron Man 2 with them (and it's great! I mean, you know, not Academy Award great. Fun! great). They even provided a babysitter (his sister) to come over to our house while Avery and their little boy were sleeping!
Ate this. Klayton took me out for Mother's Day breakfast this morning. And it was delish. And while we were there I...
Got this(!!!!). K and I are horrible at waiting to give/receive gifts. haha. We almost always give one another too many hints or just give up and give presents early. We get too excited (K) and nosy (me). Anyway, this wrapped box has been sitting in our house for three whole days so we both decided I should open it this morning at breakfast (it's only one day early! This is good... for us). Klayton and I watched The Blind Side this week (also an excellent movie) and I wouldn't shut up about Sandra Bullock's watch in it. So, being the brilliant guy that he is, he listened to me and picked this out for me for Mother's Day. It's a Tissot and it's beautiful and I love it!!!
Went here. The Idaho Falls Farmer's Market is my favorite place ever! They do it every Saturday from May to October and it's teensy and quaint but I absolutely love it. Especially when I get to go there with Klayton and Avery. She chases down every dog there and asks to pet them. He listens to me go on and on about which (delicious) artisan bread to get or what type of produce to bring home while eyeing the marshmallow guns and PVC pipe bow and arrows ("for Avery!" [Yeah... Right...]). I try not to spend all of my grocery budget and look like a total dork smiling at everyone and tasting everything.
Got this. Waiting in the mailbox for me when I got home was this super sweet gift from Kristine and Jane, two of my beautiful, super thoughtful college roomies. They are the two most stylish and creative people I know and it was so nice of them to think of us! Thank you both so much! This is one of the first baby gifts that I've received this time around (and you so didn't have to! Especially not after making me my diaper bag last time, Kristine! And coming to the hospital when Avery was in the NICU, Jane! I love you guys) and it topped off a perfect morning! PS Jane, is it weird to say that I have been loving your Seattle posts so much that I really really seriously had a dream about going there with you and learning everything I could from you and your awesome mom? haha. I'm sorry. My prego dreams are super random and detailed. That's prob creepy but I swear, I want to be a Metcalf. Just for a day. Maybe a week. It was a really good dream. :) haha
After a late night and a few eventful hours this morning, I promptly came home and fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up Klayton had snuck off to work and Avery was running around the house naked. It's already been a perfect day.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

up to the highest height

It's been so windy for so long!! But today I've been feeling great (and my BP is looking pretty darn good, too!) so I snuck outside with Klayton and Avery to take a few pictures while they flew Avery's kite! She had a blast. I love seeing her discover new things. At first she was so upset because she thought her kite was flying away! Then she figured out that that's the point. haha.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

bed bound

Universal Truths:

Toxemia blows. It is the lamest.

Spending the weekend in the hospital is a good way to A) realize that TV sucks B) become more thankful for your health, family and friends C) miss your nearly-three-year-old like crazy and D) acknowledge that if you never had another needle poked into you in your entire life you would probably die happy.

Hospital food sucks.

Being sent home on bed rest sucks worse.

I have no way to prove this (YET), but I'm pretty sure that high doses of boredom are lethal.

Not being allowed to chase your toddler/do the laundry and dishes/be on your feet for more than 5 minutes at a time/take care of your family sucks the worstest.

haha. Wow, now that I'm done complaining... sorry about that. I'm so grateful to be home (even if the whole bedrest/boredom thing does kill me). I'm so grateful for the help from family and friends who watched Avery this weekend. I'm so grateful that this baby seems to be perfectly healthy even if she is making me a bit sick. I'm so grateful that nothing this intimidating and stressful can last forever! Wish me luck!