Sunday, May 2, 2010

bed bound

Universal Truths:

Toxemia blows. It is the lamest.

Spending the weekend in the hospital is a good way to A) realize that TV sucks B) become more thankful for your health, family and friends C) miss your nearly-three-year-old like crazy and D) acknowledge that if you never had another needle poked into you in your entire life you would probably die happy.

Hospital food sucks.

Being sent home on bed rest sucks worse.

I have no way to prove this (YET), but I'm pretty sure that high doses of boredom are lethal.

Not being allowed to chase your toddler/do the laundry and dishes/be on your feet for more than 5 minutes at a time/take care of your family sucks the worstest.

haha. Wow, now that I'm done complaining... sorry about that. I'm so grateful to be home (even if the whole bedrest/boredom thing does kill me). I'm so grateful for the help from family and friends who watched Avery this weekend. I'm so grateful that this baby seems to be perfectly healthy even if she is making me a bit sick. I'm so grateful that nothing this intimidating and stressful can last forever! Wish me luck!


Jane said...

oh mandy!!!! that's awful. please get all better soon. i wish i lived near so I could bring you a jamba and a movie and a trashy magazine.

Nakia Stewart said...

Hello I'm Nakia. I'm new to this blogging thing and I love it. Sorry for the whole bed rest thing and I know all about what you are going through. I have two boys and they are a handful. Their ages are 8 and 9months. Just look on the bright side and be very thankful that the baby is fine and you are fine, too. Good luck and try not to over work yourself!!

Kaja said...

i'm sorry to hear you're on bedrest. we'll be praying for you guys and hope that things can go well! you are almost done though! woot woot!

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs said...

STAY IN THAT BED! Your bun needs to stay in the oven!!!!!!!

Keep blogging...or blog stalking...either way is good.

Melissa Braegger said...

Mandy I cannot imagine-sorry. But, you don't have too much longer until little girl makes her arrival-just focus on that and watch lots of wonderful things on Netflix that you wouldn't have otherwise:)

Sam and Livi said...

feeel better soon!!!