Wednesday, October 12, 2011

sick day

*Carter with a cold. September 2011
Although I hate it when my kiddos are sick, I do love the cuddle time that sickness affords. Especially with too-busy-to-cuddle-with-you Carter. She is so active and hilarious. She is always carrying around a book and whacking me in the leg with it until I read to her. She calls this, "reeboo?!" I am assuming that means "Read book?" but it could also mean "Buy me new sneakers." or "How about some waffles?" 
Her favorite animal is still doggies, although she loves learning all of the animal sounds.
Just found out yesterday at a doctor's visit that she is in the 85th percentile. I have NO IDEA what that means, but isn't it terribly exciting!!?! Especially considering the fact that her big sister juuust barely made it onto the chart for her age!? No joke. Before this year Avery was in the negative percentile.
Okay, I don't actually think that there is any such thing as a negative percentile. I made it up. Just roll with it.
Her eyes are still blue blue blue and her hair is still blonde blonde blonde! The PA yesterday told me that her hair would probably turn, but she's never seen Klayton. I'm thinking she might be B4L. You know, Blonde4Life.
She loves to have laughing contests with me. I.E. She will scrunch up her cute little nose and go, "AhhAhhAhh!" So I will take a deep breath and say, "MUAHAHAHA!!" and she will go, "AHAHHAHHAAHHA!!" It's loads of fun.
She loves to run. And she is super fast, too! Mostly to keep up with Avery, I guess. But she runs SO FUNNY!! Chest out, neck forward, arms sprawled, head down. Think sprinter-crossing-the-tape-finish-line. Funny-looking on a big old Kenyan dude. Adorable on a chubby little toddler!
She is taking her first trip to Disneyland on Monday!! My parents are taking us and we are all so excited! Carter has a Minnie doll that sings her the Hot Dog Song (if you don't know what this is, you don't have kids), so I know she'll freak when she sees her!
Just thought you should know that my baby is getting bigger!! And we are loving every minute!