Thursday, December 8, 2011


I did it again. 
My now-famous blog-disappearing-act, that is.

BTW Did Ricky Perry ruin the word "Oops" for anyone else? I can't say or hear it without thinking of a Texas dum-dum saying "...I can't remember the third one... Oops." Boo to that. 

Anyway, hello friends!! Not dead. Just crazy. I won't say busy because I know a lady with 32 kids (slight exaggeration) and she somehow has time to quilt and read to the animal shelter and volunteer at the Elementary Schools (strike that, reverse it.) so saying busy just seems like I'm a light-weight at this point. 

But I am still here and need to update you on our insane house overhaul project that shares a motto with the Energizer Bunny. Well, it is actually the Energizer Bunny cross-bred with a Gremlin- when you get this house wet and/or feed it after midnight the projects multiply and turn evil and keep going and going and going and going. 
AND the inside of my head almost-always feels like someone is banging on it with a bass drum mallet.

Yep, that is the best analogy I have.

I also have updates on our incredible Thanksgiving Adventures in Portland and Seattle.
And how these kids just keep growing (and growing [boom!] and growing [boom!] and... STOP! Enough.)

And how I start school again in just a few short weeks *gulp*

 I will catch you up soon! For now I will assure you that Christmas preparations are in full swing here: Our (unfinished and constantly evolving) halls are decked, wishlists written, and we are now in the mood for cheesy Lifetime Original Christmas films!! My favs? So glad you asked: Undercover Christmas, The Recipe for a Perfect Christmas and 12 Men of Christmas.
Possibly three of the worst films ever made. And I eat them up every year. Embrace your inner cheese-ball this year and give them a try!! 
Or don't. That's better. It will give you one less reason to think about unfollowing this blog.