Saturday, October 11, 2008

what does a cow say?

I took this video of Avery tonight. I accidentally recorded it sideways, so I put an annoying effect on it to make it spin. Sorry it's not pretty, but I just love her making animal noises. She's a doll!

sow and reap

Today Idaho Falls had their Annual Harvest Festival. We asked Mandy and her family to come down and join us for the Fall fun, even though snow was forecast. Well, insane Idaho weather did not disappoint. We went to the park for the party and it started snowing ten minutes later. We stuck around about 10 minutes more, long enough for Elle and Ava to get a Spin-Art Frisbee (haha- I totally remember this. It was big when I was a kid.). We hid at my house until the weather warmed up, then headed over to the U-Pick Pumpkin Barn for more fun! Man, Fall is the best season, hands down. And I love this town and all of their crazy family fun. Next up? PARIS in the Fall!! Eep!


Avery was ticked! She just wanted to walk around.

"LET ME DOWN!!!" -A.V.

I love this coat!! Thanks Mom!

The pumpkin patch had a kiddie corn maze! So fun.

Even Avery gave it a shot.

I love corn. It's a weird obsession, but I seriously do. It's just so pretty. Here I am posing next to my favorite veggie.

When we got home Avery didn't want to go in. She loves being able to run wherever she wants (mostly away from me when I'm trying to bring her inside).

So cute! I love having a backyard!!

Friday, October 10, 2008

weekend update

some tietjen family updates for you.

- klayton quit leatherby's. it's a really long story and has been a really long time coming. things are ending amicably with the klayton and the restaurant owner. klayton has been interviewing and is considering all of his options and we're praying to get something soon! sorry- that's the really really short version, but there you have it.

-monday avery and i leave for las vegas... again. mallory gets married in one week from tomorrow (yay!) and i'm headed down to help my mom with last-minute stuff. klayton will drive down on friday for the wedding and reception and everything. then...

-klayton, avery and i leave for France in NINE DAYS. i can't believe it, but i'm pretty sure i haven't mentioned this trip AT ALL on my blog. weird. sorry. anyway, we're leaving on october 19th and coming home november 2nd. we'll spend a few days in Paris, then head out to stay with friends in Troyes and Vannes for the rest of our stay. we've been planning this forever and it's finally here! i've been shopping all week to get ready - getting our friend's their favorite American candies and some fun Halloween treats (they aren't big on celebrating it there... yet. it's my favorite holiday, though, and by the time we leave it will be France's National Holiday, if i have anything to say about it.).


i've been on doctor-ordered blog-rest lately because i left my camera's battery charger in vegas so my camera has been dead. i don't know why, but this has been depressing to me and has caused a post shortage. don't worry, Congress passed a [ridiculous] bill to bail me out and i'm back. TAKE THAT FANNIE AND FREDDIE!!! so here's the what i've been up to...

moving! here are pics of my new casa.

moving day!

living room

watching gilmore girls on friday night when your husband is at work is the lastest thing. trust me.

hallway/dvd stash

my favorite room! dining room!! check out our brand new kitchen table!



i didn't picture our bedroom since it's a mess. i'm packing for our upcoming trips this month and it's not pretty. well, our room is. packing isn't.

i also had one (too short) AMAZING night with one of my best friends from high school who was passing through my area and stayed over with us. we gabbed and went out to dinner and watched the hills and gabbed some more.

do people under age 60 say gab? just wondering.

other than that, we have had a bunch of fun family things going on, and a bunch of crazy personal things going on. more on those later.

42 days left

the third and final TWILIGHT preview came out last night. my sisters-in-law, mandy and kenzie, and me had a viewing party. haha. we're so nerdy. anyway, i CANNOT wait for this movie to come out EVEN THOUGH it looks so cheesy and lame. i know i'll still love it. well, i'll love it while imagining the girl who plays bella out of it. she looks AWFUL. she delivers all her lines so lamely. lots of melodramatic pausing and heavy breathing.

anyway, check this out.

Monday, October 6, 2008


heidi!! you had the chance to get rid of kenley once and for all!! why didn't you take it? i'm sorry, but i don't think that a dragonzilla dress is going to cut it at bryant park.

sorry this post is, like, 4 days late. i just got to my PR recording this morning.