Friday, October 10, 2008


i've been on doctor-ordered blog-rest lately because i left my camera's battery charger in vegas so my camera has been dead. i don't know why, but this has been depressing to me and has caused a post shortage. don't worry, Congress passed a [ridiculous] bill to bail me out and i'm back. TAKE THAT FANNIE AND FREDDIE!!! so here's the what i've been up to...

moving! here are pics of my new casa.

moving day!

living room

watching gilmore girls on friday night when your husband is at work is the lastest thing. trust me.

hallway/dvd stash

my favorite room! dining room!! check out our brand new kitchen table!



i didn't picture our bedroom since it's a mess. i'm packing for our upcoming trips this month and it's not pretty. well, our room is. packing isn't.

i also had one (too short) AMAZING night with one of my best friends from high school who was passing through my area and stayed over with us. we gabbed and went out to dinner and watched the hills and gabbed some more.

do people under age 60 say gab? just wondering.

other than that, we have had a bunch of fun family things going on, and a bunch of crazy personal things going on. more on those later.


Chadster and Brittster said...

I saw Kristen and she is coming down for Mallory's wedding. Tell Mallory congratulations for me. Have fun in France, and I love your house. That is one heck of a kitchen table.

I wish I could go down to Vegas to see your family's Halloween decorations, they were always THE BEST!

Love you!

Oh, and Lauren Smallwood, is it just me or does she look the same? It was good to see her on your blog.

K8 said...

I love your house! It's beautiful! I am so jealous! It must feel good to have a place to really call your own! congrats! I love how you've decorated!