Friday, October 10, 2008

42 days left

the third and final TWILIGHT preview came out last night. my sisters-in-law, mandy and kenzie, and me had a viewing party. haha. we're so nerdy. anyway, i CANNOT wait for this movie to come out EVEN THOUGH it looks so cheesy and lame. i know i'll still love it. well, i'll love it while imagining the girl who plays bella out of it. she looks AWFUL. she delivers all her lines so lamely. lots of melodramatic pausing and heavy breathing.

anyway, check this out.


Riot Grrrl said...

Yeah, that actress is really bad. She's like "Hee, look at me, I'm so earnest and sincere/dramatic". She's taking Juno's calculated deadpan delivery a little too far.

Melissa Braegger said...

I'm so excited!!! and a little hot and bothered:)

mortgagemama7810 said...

They announced in Relief Society today that a bunch was going to the first show on Nov 20th and I YELLED out that I was in baby... They all think I am crazy... LOVED IT.... I miss my baby girl right now though.. Can't believe you have not found the internet over there!!!