Saturday, May 8, 2010

and i'm feelin good

Last weekend, hospital. This weekend, heaven! I'm feeling so good. My BP has levelled out so the doc has turned off my fasten seat belt sign and I'm now free to roam about the cabin (airline humor! That's how good I'm feeling! haha), meaning that I am off of strict bed rest but still supposed to be taking it easy. So Avery and I have mostly been hanging out at home, which is nice. I love still being able to take care of her and myself and this baby and Klayton (though the poor guy is still eating frozen meals and take out 90% of the time). But a few weeks more and we'll have a new baby! It's insane to think about!!
I promise I have been taking it easy. And I do feel great. So this weekend I have loosened my leash a little bit, and it has been the best Mother's Day weekend a girl could ask for! So far I:
Saw this. Last night some friends of ours invited us to go to Iron Man 2 with them (and it's great! I mean, you know, not Academy Award great. Fun! great). They even provided a babysitter (his sister) to come over to our house while Avery and their little boy were sleeping!
Ate this. Klayton took me out for Mother's Day breakfast this morning. And it was delish. And while we were there I...
Got this(!!!!). K and I are horrible at waiting to give/receive gifts. haha. We almost always give one another too many hints or just give up and give presents early. We get too excited (K) and nosy (me). Anyway, this wrapped box has been sitting in our house for three whole days so we both decided I should open it this morning at breakfast (it's only one day early! This is good... for us). Klayton and I watched The Blind Side this week (also an excellent movie) and I wouldn't shut up about Sandra Bullock's watch in it. So, being the brilliant guy that he is, he listened to me and picked this out for me for Mother's Day. It's a Tissot and it's beautiful and I love it!!!
Went here. The Idaho Falls Farmer's Market is my favorite place ever! They do it every Saturday from May to October and it's teensy and quaint but I absolutely love it. Especially when I get to go there with Klayton and Avery. She chases down every dog there and asks to pet them. He listens to me go on and on about which (delicious) artisan bread to get or what type of produce to bring home while eyeing the marshmallow guns and PVC pipe bow and arrows ("for Avery!" [Yeah... Right...]). I try not to spend all of my grocery budget and look like a total dork smiling at everyone and tasting everything.
Got this. Waiting in the mailbox for me when I got home was this super sweet gift from Kristine and Jane, two of my beautiful, super thoughtful college roomies. They are the two most stylish and creative people I know and it was so nice of them to think of us! Thank you both so much! This is one of the first baby gifts that I've received this time around (and you so didn't have to! Especially not after making me my diaper bag last time, Kristine! And coming to the hospital when Avery was in the NICU, Jane! I love you guys) and it topped off a perfect morning! PS Jane, is it weird to say that I have been loving your Seattle posts so much that I really really seriously had a dream about going there with you and learning everything I could from you and your awesome mom? haha. I'm sorry. My prego dreams are super random and detailed. That's prob creepy but I swear, I want to be a Metcalf. Just for a day. Maybe a week. It was a really good dream. :) haha
After a late night and a few eventful hours this morning, I promptly came home and fell asleep on the couch. When I woke up Klayton had snuck off to work and Avery was running around the house naked. It's already been a perfect day.


Jane said...

gosh i love you. you made me blush so hard right now. it would BE A DREAM come true if you and i could play in seattle and do seattle things. i miss you mandy! i'm so glad you are feeling better. you are a wonderful mother and it's crazy-exciting that you are on your number 2!!!! love ya.

Kristine said...

mandy! i am so glad you got the package. i'm just so amazed by you. you're a rockstar mom and wife!
looks like you had a lovely weekend...and deserved it. and i'm happy to hear you are feeling better! great news.

Dapoppins said...

I am glad you had a great day, and got to have fun with your husband and get gifties from your friends.
My friend took me to see Iron Man too..Go TEAM STARK, lol.

Sam and Livi said...

so glad you are feeling better!!