Tuesday, January 3, 2012

step out into the dark

Beginning a new semester after what seems like six months off (wait, it was six months off!) is daunting. It means new schedules and more organization. Less sleep and a lot less "me time" with infinitely more guilt peppered into my days because there are infinitely more "Go to your room"s and "Not now, Mommy is doing homework"s. But, as I type this in the last five minutes before Avery's rest time movie ends and Carter inevitably wakes up cranky and hungry from her nap, it also means more organization, more quality to the time I spend with the girls, more structure and more fulfillment. I hope.
I love resolutions and this New Year I have a lot! If everything goes according to my carefully laid plans (ha!) then this year is going to be spectacular.


Meagan said...

Hang in there girl! It will be so worth it in the end. Thankfully, Avery can keep Carter entertained for the most part while you work on things or read. You're an amazing woman and I believe in you 100%!!

Shannon Dooley said...

You're so awesome. I don't know how you do it. At least the girls can keep each other entertained. I love that Brooklyn and Chandler do that now cuz I have a lot of "Not now, Mommy is nursing the baby" or "Mommy is too tired to play." We all have Mommy guilt in some way or another so don't get too down on yourself. Just remember during homework time you are teaching them to be independent and that's a not a bad thing. :)