Monday, September 14, 2009


Having such a bad day. I don't even think chocolate chip cookies, a visit from my mommy and a sneak peek at New Moon could make this day better. Sorry to whine, but ugh! It's silly to worry about my own problems when I have been so blessed, but it's almost (note that I said ALMOST) funny to me the way the grass always looks greener in someone else's yard.

I look at all of these mothers who have no problem getting pregnant, no problem with delivery, and have done it over and over again. It's hard to wonder what that would be like and not be jealous. And I go from feeling sorry for myself to ENRAGED when I hear about people who irresponsibly reproduce and the messed up lives they create for their children. Or worse yet, speaking to anyone who believes that people should have the right to choose to abort their babies. That's like saying that I have the right, consequence free, to murder someone! If you think that a little fetus doesn't count as a person then I hope that you never have to suffer a miscarriage (that'll change your mind). Either that or I hope you enjoy your luxury suite in hell (am I being harsh? NO!... Okay, maybe a little.). Anyway, I believe that you are free to choose- but your freedom stops at this decision: To have sex or not? After that, you need to own up. There is birth control and abstinence and a whole host of other ways NOT to get pregnant (playing tennis, riding a bike, keeping your legs together, etc.)- Abortion is wrong. And not only do we have a President in office who has condoned partial-birth abortion (see here- the sixth paragraph down will make you want to vomit), but this Health-Care bill would FUND abortions (see here)!! It's INSANITY! I swear I'm constantly on the edge of my seat just waiting for the fire and brimstone to rain down.

Anyway, all of that political stuff doesn't have much to do with my glum day. Just feels good to rant every once in a while. But I should be struck by lightning just for whining. I have Avery. She is so perfect and wonderful and I love her so much, and I am so lucky 1) to have her- so many good people who would be great parents aren't able to have kids and 2) that she is alive and healthy and just so so so perfect- with the way she started out in life things could have wound up so different for her. So... I am going to think of how lucky I am to have her, my wonderful hubby, and about what a busy week we have lined up (swim lessons start this week! Plus I have signed up for a class at a local college and I'm super excited!) and forget about my despair that I don't always get everything I want.


Chadster and Brittster said...

I get you girl...I wonder why God won't let me have kids and yet I am surrounded by people who have children just for the fun of naming it. And then I have to help raise those kids. Life aint fair right?

You totally have the right attitude though--thankful, but still needing a blogging gripe every once in awhile. Hang in there.

Sam and Livi said...

Thank you so much for your post Mandy! I was having quite the crap day myself and it helps to know I have a little company (not that i'm happy you're not feeling good - cause that stinks!!) but I guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes we can think everybody's life is perfect but our own and its nice to have a reminder not to compare ourselves. Also - thank you for your stance on abstinence and abortion, we need more voices like you because you speak the truth.

So girl - I hope you have a better day!! Your family is adorable (esspc. that little Avery) and you are a sweetheart and one I just know we are going to get to know each other better but I hope that you feel better right away! Hahaha enough of my ramblings - -


Kristine said...

mandy! i am sorry about your bad Monday. darn i hate days like that! you're not alone. we all have crappy days.

and you are very lucky to have a beautiful daughter and a rad husband!

Melissa Braegger said...

Mandy I am sorry you had a day like that-we all have them for one reason or another. Just know that you are loved and blessed and that things will work out in their own time. Plus you do have one of the cutest two year olds around-that helps doesn't it? Love ya