Tuesday, September 29, 2009

about to fall

I have been meaning to make a Will and Trust for my family ever since Avery was born, and I never had the time/money (okay, I really just never thought about it unless I was on a plane with turbulence or something). But on athriftymom.com today (I love this blog!) there was a deal for a free Will and Trust kit from suzeorman.com. I've been on this website for the last hour filling out forms and choosing executors and all of that junk, but feeling a teensy bit more prepared for the unthinkable is a good thing. The deal goes until October 3rd so I thought I'd share! Check it out here.


Sam and Livi said...

Sam and I were just talking about doing this. Thanks so much for the tip. I went there straightaway!

Little Farmer Family said...

We so need to do this too!! I'm so glad I found your blog and ran into a few weeks ago!! It's so cute!!