Friday, September 11, 2009

I will never forget

I will never forget 8 years ago today, when our country was attacked, when our nation was shaken and we all stood up together. Since then sometimes I think that everything has gone to hell, and that we've all forgotten the way we came together on this day. I know that is cheesy or cliched or whatever. I don't care. I really believe that we are still a great nation, and I love our country so much. Whatever our differences, I like to think that we still have this strength in us, the strength and unity that we showed on September 11, 2001. God bless America. -

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Mickie Ann said...

GOD Bless us.... I think that is our #1 problem... we (as a nation) have forgotten Heavenly Father and that we are ALL his children! I wish more people would remember!!! At Time Out for Women, one of the speakers talked about our country, he referenced Sodom & Gomorrah, how the the Lord was talking to the Prophet and the Lord said he wouldn't destroy the cities if a certain amount of people still believed in God... in the end there was none that were rightous and the cities were destroyed. So, here in our day, the Lord will still preserve our nation, when we still have Faith & Believe in our Heavenly Father. (that was the basics of his talk) It gave me hope, that as long as I do my part in obeying and honoring our Father in Heaven.

I just wish everyone in the world felt the same!! Someday there will be peace!! I feel sad for those that has lost loved ones, when I explained what happend to Tietjen he was sad and gave me a hug. Kids understand so much more than we realize.