Wednesday, February 20, 2008

my checkbook and i hate you!

that's right, dentist. i'm talking to you! you sit there with your mini pick axe and your simpering smile and i hate you!

i've had this wicked toothache since monday, so i broke down yesterday and made an appointment with my friendly neighborhood dentist. well... 20 minutes and $77 later i scheduled my appointment to get a root canal in a week and a half. of course it doesn't help that i have no dental insurance because i quit my job with awesome benefits to take care of my little bundle of joy. it's a good thing that she's so worth it! the one thing that makes my visit happy is that he gave me antibiotics to kill the abcess that's causing me pain. they won't kick in for a couple of days, but at least there is the promise of relief. still though, if i drove by him walking on the side of the road i would hit him with my car.

okay, so maybe i wouldn't hit him... but i would think about it.


Livi said...

Are you kidding me? Root canal - no thank you? By the way I love all your comments they are hilar.

Chadster and Brittster said...

If I were there I would bring over ice cream and watch Gremlins like when you got your wisdom teeth out....