Tuesday, February 12, 2008

home sweet home

well, i think that a month ago when we moved back to idaho i promised pictures of our lovely apartment. we don't have it totally done yet but i thought i'd share anyway. i love this place - it's literally 150 yards away from Leatherby's (klayton's restaurant), target, a huge movie theater, the mall, etc. it's super-spatious (for my little family at least), it has vaulted ceilings in the living room, a bay window in the dining area, 2 full bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and is brand new! when this city thaws i love to go on walks and buy stuff (mostly at target. i swear, that place has a direct withdrawl monthly from klayton's paycheck). okay, i'm done bragging now. sorry- i really am in love with this place. enjoy the pics!

here's our living room. the purple love seats are hand-me-downs from my mom's best friend, peggy treese. that's the front door.

here's the view of the kitchen from one of our purple squashy chairs. our tv sort of travels between our bedroom and the front room. yeah, we only have 1.

my favorite room. my mecca. the kitchen. that pot rack is from ikea (aka heaven). it really looks smaller in this picture than it feels to me, but it gets the job done.

here's our fridge.

the bay-windowed dining space as promised. yes, that table is tiny. the kitchen cart to the right has most of my many appliances. my kitchen is filled with pink and green, my signature colors (name the movie).

bathroom #1. it's avery's bathroom/laundry room. yes, my 9-month-old has her own bathroom.

there's my bed! this is the room that is the most un-done. go figure.

this is the master bathroom. there's really nothing masterful about it, but it adjoins to my room, so that's pretty neat!

bedroom #2, the guest room/office. this is the guest room half. yes, that really is a basket next to the bed with a towel, soap, lotion and a mug with hot cocoa mix and a bag of microwave popcorn in it. staying with me is like having your personal holiday inn express. continental breakfast included. my craft table (not pictured) is to the left of this picture. it's a mess, hence the non-picturedness.

here's the office part of bedroom #2. this is where i do all of my blogging! very exciting, eh? to the left of the desk you will notice my video library. it goes all the way to the floor. klayton calls it ridiculous. :) we bought our saweet computer last fall when our old one (and i mean really old) crashed. it is most definitely the nicest thing that we own. it plays live tv (neat, huh?) and records it too. it's filled with TMC cary grant movies that i have yet to watch.

and, of course, bedroom #3 is avery's room, which you have already seen. here she is sleeping like a good girl so i could write this post. she loves her baby papasan swing that her grandpa clark bought her while she was in the hospital. my dad loves ebay and got this awesome swing for a great deal. he is the coolest.

thus concludes your tour. if you have any questions please direct them to your tour guide or the brochures that you recieved in the lobby. the gift shop is down the hall and to your left.


Livi said...

I'm jealous! Guest rooms and bay windows!!!

Jane said...

YOUR HOUSE IS LOOKING fabulous! well done my dear.