Tuesday, February 12, 2008

my best friend

one of my big resolutions for 2008 was to get organized! i was past the mindless beginning months of being a mommy where my life was set on avery's schedule of eat, sleep, poop and i didn't know what to do with myself! well, i was wandering around target the day after new years and i found this! when i was a working girl (and i don't mean that like the melanie griffiths/harrison ford jersey kind of working girl) i lived by my gorgeous (and pricey!) franklin-covey planner. i know it's lame sounding, but my pink leather rock star planner was the best. that's why is was so excited to find this compact, dressed-down version of the franklin planner for $15 bucks in target! it fits inside my diaper bag and is perfect for the many doctor appointments, shopping lists, addresses and playdates i have to keep track of! there is a ton of space for cards and cash in the front cover, so i even chucked my big fat wallet and use this for that as well! such a great buy! and i'm no fashion guru, but i think it's pretty darn cute too. just wanted to share in case anyone else out there is looking for more organization in their lives! there are a bunch of different sizes and styles, and the extra pages you can buy can help you customize the planner for your needs. thanks target!

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