Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"just a mom"

you hear stories like this more and more. jane clayson johnson has written a book about it and now glenn beck, a conservative talk radio and cnn headline news host, lectured a woman who called into his show yesterday with a question. instead of taking her question, he interjected with this:

CALLER: ...and I'm just a mom at home with kids and --

GLENN: You know what, Lori, Lori, I've only got a minute and a half. I'm going to hold you over to the top of the hour because I've got to lecture you for a minute and a half.


GLENN: I hate, hate, hate when women say, "I'm just a mother." I hate it. And here's why. I believe that we are facing the most perilous times quite possibly in human history and I really, truly believe that -- what's the name of that show on Fox, that new show, the Terminator, what's her name? ...Sarah Connor. I really, truly believe that mothers of this country need to start viewing themselves as Sarah Connor and start preparing your children and teaching your children right and wrong, black and white, good and evil, how to be strong, how to survive in all ways because we've so screwed this country up that our children are going to be left with just a mess on their hands and we need -- I don't even know what Sarah Connor's son was called, Billy Connor, and we need more Billy Connors, and Sarah Connors are the ones that are going to do it and those are the mothers of today...

i've never seen the terminator show on fox (and i think it's a silly reference), but the message is important and i applaud anyone in this day who will stand up for the family. go glenn!


Jane said...

I LOVE that. I'm not a mother yet. But I think that is beautiful. You are a fabulous mother Mandy. Love you.

Livi said...

That is a cool pic! I love it!