Monday, February 11, 2008

monkey monday morning

happy monday! avery and klayton played monkey this morning and i wanted to share the great pictures i got. we had a really short weekend so i definitely wasn't ready to face monday morning, but it's here so denial is no good.

klayton has been working around the clock to get the restaurant together. they are opening next wednesday and he is so busy! i hardly even expect him to remember valentines day this week let alone my name when he comes home. i am so happy for him because he is so excited to get everything together. he is a business genius and he is enjoying building this restaurant from the ground up. i will post pictures of the big opening when it all goes down!

yesterday we had the opportunity to be inside the rexburg temple during the 4th and final dedicatory session. it was a wonderful experience and i am so grateful for temples and for the area that we live in! one of my best friends, maria, baby-sat avery for us (one of my nieces was sick so we didn't let avery around her cousins this weekend) so we could attend. she is awesome and is the best thing that came out of my years of working at melaleuca! :) we felt really blessed to be inside the temple and it was an awesome way to end the weekend.

this week i am looking forward to valentines day! i am going to make klayton a French dinner (he served in the Paris mission) and we'll probably just hang out at the house and watch a movie (ahh, the glamorous life of young parents), but it will still be a great time. i dropped some major hints to klayton for acceptable gifts (a new cookbook, the becoming jane dvd from cleanflix, etc) so i should be set there as well. haha. i am also really excited that my awesome little bro, Zach, is coming up to idaho to spend the weekend with us. when we lived in vegas he was my best friend and the greatest uncle ever. he is growing up to be such a cool kid and i can't wait for him to stay with us. i am trying to convince him to live with us for a while this summer and work at Leatherby's too (the fact that he is a built-in baby-sitter is just an added bonus!). we are going to watch the disney channel (our favorite!!) and would be going to see the hannah montana concert in the theater if anywhere near here was showing it. very exciting stuff!

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KCannonM said...

great update of the tietjen home. the monkey pic is adorable. i love avery. i look forward to pictures of the resturant. have fun with the lil bro.