Friday, February 22, 2008

leatherby's soft opening

yesterday was the day that klayton has been working toward and sort of dreading since the day we decided to move back up to idaho and re-open leatherby's - the soft opening. friends and family of the employees at leatherby's were invited to come and try out the food and service to see if they are prepared to do a grand opening. maria, avery and i went to check it out and it was wonderful! klayton is still holding his breath because things went so smoothly last night -- usually these things are disasters!! :) he has been working night and day for the past 5 weeks to get this place together, and now we are finally seeing all of the late nights and early mornings and endless discussions about employees and locations and food and managers and whatever coming to fruition. klayton has done and amazing job. i'm not going to pretend like i have been great through all of this - i have missed him and complained to him and fought with him some these last few weeks, but he is the hardest worker and i am seriously so happy for and proud of him. even when he has worked 18 hour days (which he has for the last week! literally - he goes to work at 7am and gets home at 1am. i wish i was kidding) he still gets up with the baby in the night and is so sweet and wonderful to us. i have the best spouse and i love him soooo much.

okay, enough mushy stuff. here are the pics from last night...

avery insisted that i dress her up for the occasion. she even asked that i give her ferris-bueller-in-the-shower hair! she's such a diva. :)

klayton says that she looks like audrey hepburn in these pictures. i think she looks like she got into mommy's makeup with her glossy lips. drool really does wonders.

here's an inside view of the restaurant. i forgot to take a pic of the outside. sorry!

a view of the front counter. all of these kids are still training, but hopefully after the weekend they will be up to speed!

here's klayton hard at work.

i forgot to take a picture of our food when it came out, too. so here is maria's half-eaten cream of broccoli soup and fries. leatherby's has the best fries ever... next to their ice cream, that is. we didn't get any ice cream because we ate all of these french fries, but i will get pics of their awesome old-timey ice cream sundaes soon!

ahh the family. so sweet.


Chadster and Brittster said...

I wish I was in Rexburg so I could go check out the new restaurant! It looks very charming! Your family pic is super cute. Chad and I were looking to see who Avery looks like. He says that she has Klayton's ears for sure.

Nikki, Cody, and Tessa said...

Hi Mandy. I was talking to your Mom and Dad today, we were at Tyler's birthday party. They had told me about this grand opening. Pretty cool. Glad that you're glad it's over! ha. Well, our blog has gone private now, so we'd love to stay in touch so email me at so I can add your email address to my viewer list. Laters!!!

K8 said...

I was trying to figure out where I had heard that name, Leatherby's. I've been there in utah! It sure is yummy! I am so glad that it's finally open! Congrats!

Melissa Braegger said...

Hi Mandy,
It looks like the practice opening went really well. Klayton looks to have done an amazing job, I wish him all the success in the world. Did you make Avery's headband? It is darling and it perfectly frames her adorable face.