Wednesday, July 27, 2011

piece of lake

On Wednesday mornings just after 6am you'll find me at Rigby Lake with my suit, goggles, cap and, just because I'm lucky like that, friends who are a little bit crazy, just like me.
And it is beginning to be my favorite part of the week.
Sure, biking on Monday morning out to the country, speeding past farms and cattle and cricks (yep. that's how they pronounce that word here.) was wonderful.
And yes, my new Asics (!!!lovesofmylife!!!) took me down to and around the greenbelt again on Tuesday morning.
But I think I am hooked on open water, freezing cold and a quite intimidating though it may be. There is just something about the quiet and calm contrasted with the power I feel slicing through the lake.
And you can't beat the scenery. Campers aren't awake yet. No families out swimming. No one but us. And nature-y critters, too. This morning I literally swam past a huge bald eagle perched on a tree on the lake's edge. It was like he was cheering me on.
Or maybe he was deciding what to eat for breakfast ("Hello Mr. Eagle. Please don't try to eat me.")

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Shells said...

Wow, you're amazing! Sounds like a beautiful way to start a morning!