Monday, July 4, 2011

her majesty's a pretty nice girl

CarterMania was a huge hit! We had homemade pizza with Beatles song names (i.e. a buffalo chicken pizza was the Hey Buffalo Bill Pizza, pepperoni and sausage was Srgt. Pepperoni and Piggies Pizza, etc.), the Sprite was labeled For the Benefit of Mr. Sprite, the juice, BeatleJuice, and on and on and on. Stacy even made Strawberry Fields Forever Cookies and sent them with us!! In an air-pillow encased package and everything!! They were super delicious. Party favors were CarterMania Mix CDs, peace sign necklaces and wax mustaches. Her cake was homemade Eaton Mess which we called Goo Goo G'Joob Trifle. The decorations are not the best, but, hey! I was on vacation!! My favorite part of the party was the little book I made for everyone to write birthday messages to Carter. I hope she'll like it. You know, once she learns how to read.


brightbit said...

for the benefit of mr sprite?? i LOVE It!

Bret and Britni said...

This is incredible in every way. How did you manage to have a freakishly cute and unique party, even on vacation?! You inspire me!!!!! haha