Friday, July 22, 2011

where's willy?

Confession: From ages 8 to 13 I wanted to be a marine biologist. But not just any marine biologist: I wanted to be a trainer with the killer whales at Sea World.
For real.
I went to sea camp and dissected fish and squid, I was a strong swimmer, I had a Free Willy poster in my bedroom: I was ready.
Although none of my riding-on-the-back-of-a-whale-while-waving-at-a-packed-crowd-of-Asian-tourists dreams came true, we still managed to have a great time at Sea World a few weeks ago. That is, except for when we waited in the hot sun for an hour for the Shamu Show, which is now super lame and touchy-feely (Save the Whales meets Beauty Pageant meets Haight-Ashbury) and totally bizarre. A few interesting facts:
+Intervention. Carter is terrified of big fuzzy characters who try to hug and kiss her. Go figure.
+Eight. That is how many coats of sunscreen it takes to keep K and C from turning into quite convincing lobster impersonators during a day at Sea World.
+36. That is Avery's current approximate height in inches.
+42. That is the height in inches that you must be in order to have any fun at Sea World that doesn't involve poking a mollusk.
I could have been best friends with a whale.

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