Sunday, July 17, 2011

like a weed

I dreamed of this back in February of 2009 when I decided to garden. But it never happened. This year, however, I was determined. And knew I would fail. But when I mentioned to my friend Laura that I had ZERO plant experience and TONS of space, she sighed with longing. Alas, Laura lives in a basement apartment with little yard and no private outside space.
"I will NEVER use up all of the room I have out back," I promised. "You can have whatever space you want!"
"Let's do it together!!" she said.
And I am so grateful.
Have been just about every day since that conversation back in late April. It has been so much fun to plan things out and work along side her. And our garden is growing BEAUTIFULLY! We have peas, lettuce, spinach, beans, radishes, onions, carrots, corn, pumpkins, zucchini, yellow squash, funky pretty squash (you know, the witch-warty kind that you put on the table in September), tomatoes (roma, slicing and teensy orange and red ones), jalapenos, tomatillos, cucumbers, Anaheim peppers, flowers, aaand... I think that's it. I head out to the garden just about every morning, noon and night just to watch things grow and get dirty and feel so proud. Avery LOVES to help, too! She built a bird nest back there and we have planted around it. See those teensy plants behind her? Yeah, those are our squash plants. Check them out! They were just babies!! And that picture was taken just about one month ago! Incredible.
We have been harvesting lettuce for quite a while, and our peas are just about ready to pick. Soon we will have way more food than we know what to do with.
Which leads me to my next adventure.
This may sound like hard labor to you, but to me it is wonderful.

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Carson said...

Shellena and me want a garden too, only we have no land. So we bought a tomato plant. One tomato is almost ripe too. So we are jealous and following in your footsteps...heehee.