Wednesday, August 13, 2008

you're just too good to be true

my favorite possession in the world is my pink bicycle. i would write a poem about it if that wouldn't make me feel just a leetle bit silly. but i do think i should name it. it says roxie on it, so i guess i'll go with that. anyway, roxie and i are the best of friends. i take a ride with her every day. i love to plug in my ipod, turn on my favorite playlist and cruise around town. there is no better feeling than coasting along, ringing my pink bell, waving at old ladies in their gardens, and getting to wherever i'm going.

which is usually no where at all.


Livi said...

we should become cruiser friend! I love mine its not near as cool though its yellow and red even though I do have a basket and a bell. :)

Mickie Ann said...

WAY CUTE!!! I love your bike. I still have my green/purple thang from Highschool.. oh so many moons ago. We go on bike rides also. We should hook up sometime for a ride. What do you do with Avery? We bought a bike trailor to tote them along... save on gas also!!

Brianna said...

How fun! How you'll have to get Avery one to match and the two of you can cruise in style!!! Wouldn't that be great!?!