Sunday, August 31, 2008

declare this an emergency

so, yesterday i get online and i go to stephenie meyer's (the author of Twilight) website. and there is this post there from her about how a copy she gave someone of Midnight Sun (Twilight from Edward's perspective [and the reason that i didn't lock myself in a room and cry when i was done reading Breaking Dawn - i knew there was at least one more Twilight book coming out!]) had been leaked onto the internet. so, she's too sad and upset (poor girl) to finish writing it, and instead of stirring up a frenzy in those who had no idea that it had been leaked (i myself would have been mighty tempted to track it down and read it online), and since she probably won't finish it, she posted what she has written so far on her site.
and it is so good!! so so so good. it's like reading Twilight for the first time again, but you get to be in edward's head!! edward. the perfect man, edward. you get to see what he's thinking and what he does while the rest of the town is alseep and what he does to the guy who almost attacks bella in port angeles and everything! it's so great.

it's so unfair. i want to track down whoever leaked it and punch them in the face.

read the post by steph and get the link to Midnight Sun here.


Chadster and Brittster said...

Not nice! How do you expect me to work when I can be in Edward's head! You're torturing me!

Melissa Braegger said...

How could someone do that? Now we will have to wait for who knows how long to have it finished if ever. I am so sad right now but somehow incredibly happy that I can read more about Edward's experience. I have to get ready for church and you don't know how tempting this is. I am so happy we get to see each other again soon:) Love Ya