Sunday, August 3, 2008

breaking dawn

oh my goodness! i'm done!
breaking dawn was amazing and i had such a fun weekend, first attaining it, then devouring it!

friday morning at 8:30am i dragged klayton to B&N to get in line for wristbands to get breaking dawn that evening. and we were the first ones there! muahaha. so my wristband (one of over 800 given out at our B&N) said A1!! haha. i'm pathetic and i don't care. anyway, klayton got his sister, mackenzie's, too, because we were all going together that night.

i was so anxious all day friday! but finally, around 10:30pm we headed over to B&N to meet mckenzie and her friend, kortnie. we giggled nonstop about edward and... well, i really can't remember us talking about anything but edward. around 11:30pm they had everyone gather in their letter groupings outside to be called in, one group of 100 at a time, to buy their books at 12:01am. we ended up about 6th in line to get our books! it was awesome. after we bought them, we ran outside and the enormous crowd actually cheered for us! ahahahah. it was hillarious. and awesome. and we totally held out our 756-page tomes like they were trophies! all friday morning i told klayton that i would punch any 12-year-old that tried to get in my way of getting the book that night, and he kept laughing at me. now, after reading this, i'm sure you can imagine all too well how serious i was.
saturday carson got married (more on that later), but i've still been reading like a maniac and i just finished. WOW. kenny and i have been talking over all of the possiblities for months now, and this book didn't disappoint any of our speculations, no matter how far-fetched they seemed at the time. a wedding, a few transformations, the coolest epic battle of all time. wow... i'm still reeling, and still very in love with these books.

...and edward...


Mickie Ann said...

you girls are silly.. not that I can't say I havnt done that... when NSYNC's cd came out Brookie & I with some college friends went to the party at Hastings!! Way WAY back in the day!! - I need to borrow them from you... the library is all checked out till like next year!! I haven't read any of them!

Frown Like A Thunderstorm said...

I'm reading it. The first three were good. To me, this one is 82 pages so far... I like Vampires...but not in the same way as Bella--I swear!