Sunday, August 3, 2008

dum dum da dum

carson and shellena got married on saturday morning!! it was awesome to spend the entire day with family. they looked so beautiful and happy the whole day and i love them both so much! cindy (klayton's mom) put on a great luncheon outdoors after the wedding, and the reception that night was super. we all danced and talked and laughed all night. carson and klayton have always been really close. carson was the first tietjen (besides klayton) that i met and has been a fast friend. i am so glad that he found someone who compliments him so well. yay for one more sister-in-law!!


Mickie Ann said...

everyone looks so cute dressed up.... I love Klayton's squint smile that he does..cracks me up!!

Mickie Ann said...

if I confused you.. the bro/sis picture at the temple.. he squints one eye... I've seen that before in other pictures.. I am sure it was quite bright!

Melissa Braegger said...

The wedding looked like it was a success. So did you love Breaking Dawn? Did it fulfill all of your desires? I loved it so much and when I got it Saturday morning at 12:10 a.m. I read the last chapter. Isn't that so bad? I couldn't help myself I had to know that Bella and Edward were together. I think her next book will be about Jacob and Nessie. I think we might make it to Mallory's wedding, we've talked about taking a shorter cruise so we could be there so there is hope:)