Saturday, August 16, 2008

take me away

i have been bugging klayton to take me camping for forever and we finally took went last night!! carson and shellena (newlyweds extraordinaire) came with, as well as one of klayton's best friends, glen. we went to a campsite along the river outside of ririe, id.

avery helped me pack in the morning!

poor klayton was stuck sleeping between avery's pack n play our twin-size blow up mattress!

we had a pita pizza buffet for dinner with green pepper, zucchini, canadian bacon, pineapple, chicken, pepperoni, tomato and alfredo sauce and mozzarella. it was deeeelish!

it was so cold! but the manly fire the boys built kept everyone warm. not that carson and shellena needed it. their love kept them warm.

close up!

sibling rivalry.

i guess this is what, "say cheese!" looks like.

ahh, the best invention of all time. banana boat s'mores thingys. i had never heard of these before last night, so THANK YOU carson and shellena for showing us the light.

carson was in charge of cooking the bananas. he yelps like a girl when he thinks he's being burned, in case you were wondering.

good morning, klayton.

good morning, avery.

pancakes, eggs and a toasty fire for breakfast.


Kristine said...

i love camping! looks like you guys had a good time! i love those banana things. so so good.

i love the guys are so cute.

Frown Like A Thunderstorm said...

Hooray for camping! Looks like fun. Carson looked a bit cold in one of those pictures. Funny. As for Muse, glad you are listening them! They are what I would call the next logical step in classical music. I listened to every song of theirs that I have whilst reading Breaking Dawn last weekend (60-something songs). I'm sure you know that Meyer is inPEYERed by them.