Wednesday, August 20, 2008

show me it's real

busy week! monday avery and i went up to rexburg to hang with mandy, cindy and kenzie. mandy was babysitting my other niece and nephews, jonah, eden and peter for a few days, so we all went to porter park to play. they have this super fun water park thing there, and the kids all had fun playing. well, the older kids did. and peter. milo and avery weren't so into it. but it was fun to soak up some sun.
monday night my older brother, adam, rolled into town! he stopped by for a couple of nights on his way to portland, or where he is moving. it was so fun to have him and i really wish that he would have stayed longer. avery loved playing with him and was sad to see him go this morning. while he was here, she wandered into adam's room, found a yellow starburst, and bit through it!! wrapper and all! hahaha. she liked it almost as much as she liked wondering at adam's beard.

also, i have finally found a hairstyle that i like on avery right now, with her weird, shaggy mullet. pigtails!! check them out!


Chadster and Brittster said...

The pig tails are totally hot! Good to see T-Bone again too. Adam looks the same to me whereas Spence and Snack look so much older. P.S. Landon is getting married in the temple soon to a girl named "Faith." Only you and a few other people know how big that news is for us!

Jane said...

ooooooh CUTE!!!! I love love the piggys. Sounds like a great day. Fun to have family around.
love you girl.

Kristine said...

i love the pig tails! she is so freakin cute. i miss rexburg so bad. Why didn't we ever get together. i am still kicking myself!

PS you win cute mom award. love ya

Mickie Ann said...

I was so sad we could not come to the water park..opps I had my Activity Days that day.. cool same callings. I dont teach them, just do two activities a month.. the EASYIST calling ever.... looked like SOOO much fun!! THere is always nextyear.