Tuesday, August 26, 2008

weekend warrior

here's a little snippet from our weekend. it was pretty low-key. saturday klayton had to work at the restaurant at noon, but we went over to Ammon Days (a celebration for the town that we technically live in, Ammon) in the park and ate breakfast and walked around a bit. the national guard was there with a huge rock climbing wall, and they were giving out volleyballs and basketballs for a small price (20 pushups). klayton balked at that, and told the guy there that he'd do 50. haha. men.
the other pic is avery in her dress on sunday. she is so cute and my mom sends her the cutest clothes. church was really fun. i love our ward. avery and klayton went to nursery for the first time (okay, it's way too early, i know, but avery is IMPOSSIBLE during church and the nursery workers always ooh and ahh over her, so klayton thought he'd try it out with her). she had a blast. i teach the nine-year-olds in Primary (aka the coolest calling ever) and i'm over Activity Days for the eight and nine-year-old little girls. they are so fun. klayton is on the scout committee and is enjoying that as well. he's so good with the young men. could they get a cooler leader?
other than that, klayton and i pretty much just read books together all weekend (when he wasn't working). we were in the middle of two books. i have been reading him the Twilight series (surprised? didn't think so) and he's been reading me Dandelion Wine by Ray Bradbury. we finished both books on sunday evening. (for my reviews, see me at http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/788935!)

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