Saturday, April 5, 2008

what's in YOUR wallet?

i was tagged by the lovely and beautiful kristine a while back to show the contents of my purse! as usual i have been a slacker, but a well-intentioned one, so here i go. i generally carry two bags, which i know sounds insane, but my purse got unruly and weighed 700 lbs BEFORE i had a kid. and now she needs more stuff than i do, so... i do often consolidate all of this into one bag, but i thought i'd give you the ugly truth.

the bag on the left is my electrocuted zebra print bag from volcom. i think that mentally i'm still in the 9th grade because i have carried this volcom obsession around since then. i love their stuff. in my purse at all times are my digital and handheld video cameras, my planner (which also acts as my wallet), my keys (with purell attached always- i'm a preemie mom! trust me, i whip that stuff out 100 times a day), some emergency items (tylenol, hair clips, etc.) and note cards and stamps. i love to send mail! my latest favorites are the pink/zebra thank you notes i got at target while i was in vegas.

the bag on the right is my beautiful diaper bag. a quick note about this bag- not only do i think this bag is beautiful, but it also is very special to me. i recieved it last summer when avery was in the hospital and i was staying alone at the ronald mcdonald house in SLC. after a long morning at the hospital i went back to the house for lunch and there was a package waiting for me containing this purse, an oprah magazine, some goodies, and a note from my old college roomies, jane and kristine metcalf. i never asked (i had no idea that kristine was such a sewing whiz at the time), but i think that kristine made this bag for me (kristine, did you make this bag?) and it is perfect and i love it! those two are so sweet and giving and i have loved getting to be their friend! okay, onto the contents. there's really nothing amazing in here. diapers, wipes, rattle toys, tropical fruit snacks and gerber biter biscuits (avery loves these things), usually a cheerios container (not pictured), a bottle (not pictured), formula canister, more hand sanitizer, a nose sucker (called an aspirator, but where's the fun in that?), and a book. avery loves books! unfortunately she sees them as chew toys mostly, but still. this book is her favorite. every page has a mirror on it and she LOVES to look at herself. who doesn't, though?

i now tag melissa, shelly and brittney!

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Kristine said...

I DID make that bag! haha. I'm So happy you like it. You're such a cool mom. I loove that you have a volcom bag. It's so You!