Friday, April 4, 2008

more pics from san diego

my little sis is a super talented photographer (along with her many other talents), and, lucky for me, her favorite subject happens to be av! ch-check it out.

eagle scout zach and avery.

zach, mall and av.

my cousin, blaire, and i.

melissa, mcKenna, me, derek and rebecca.

the happy couple, casey and justin!

four generations of wyand women! there's melissa and mckenna, diane (my mom's sister), grandma wyand, my mom, and me and avery.

avery is the light of her grandparent's lives. they love her sooo much and lavish her with love, attention and presents like you wouldn't believe! my dad always points out how everyone is just excited to see avery now and not me, but i'm cool with that. how can i compete!? :)

mckenna and avery (one week apart).

grandma and avery.

on the way to california we stopped at a gas station in the middle of nowhere called Jeremy's. it was super windy and mallory was able to get some awesome shots of everyone stretching their legs and playing in the wind. this is my favorite one.

ahh the happy, wind-blown family.

mallory is a wonderful aunt and insisted on sitting in the back seat by avery the entire drive. i hope avery will grow into these sunglasses.

the crazed beaver look is so hot right now.

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Chadster and Brittster said...

Hey, that can't be little Snack Zach! I feel so old! I love when you post pics of your fam.