Tuesday, April 15, 2008

mother's day... preemie style

i'm not sure if klayton appreciated the fact that i had our baby three months premature... or if he just can't resist my feminine wiles, but he was so excited about the mother's day present he got me that he gave it to me a month early! it is a spring spa package and it is magnificent! a free 1 hour massage, a haircut, free tanning and eyebrow shaping! just what i need on mother's day (or sometime around then) to stop feeling like a mommy (i.e. covered in baby puke with wet hair and sweat pants on) for a minute. he is such a good present picker-outer. the only thing is that he can't keep a secret. and so here i am, looking at my perfect present more than a month before mother's day trying to schedule at least some tanning in before i head to california next week! yay for one more day of the year that involves presents... and for thoughtful husbands!

thinking about mother's day today has started me thinking about last year. i was admitted to the hospital the day before mother's day after discovering my dangerous blood-pressure levels while nearly 7 months pregnant. avery was due in august and instead she came in may, just 3 days after mother's day. if you would have asked me a year ago what my life would be like now, i would have been way off the mark. after all of the "don't get your hopes up" speeches i got from doctor after doctor, citing things like brain bleeds, intestinal problems, developmental disorders, and heart failures as normal in babies avery's size, my baby, my teeny 2 pound baby, is now super-healthy (well, minus the whole stomach bug thing, but she's doing much better now), crawling, babbling, and smiling her strangely toothy grin (she now has SIX teeth! she is a teething machine!). i know that every mother feels blessed with her children, but i feel especially so.

happy mother's day, preemie style!

ps if you feel blessed with the family and friends in your life, bless the lives of others! click on my March of Dimes badge to join my walking team or donate to spare someone like you and me the heartache of having a premature infant!

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Livi said...

MANDY. I love this post. You are a brave WOMAN! I actually didn't know that you had a preemie baby until this blog. That is so wonderful I would come to the March of Dimes with you if I was in IF. And Congratulerien on the FAB mothers day present. Go get ur massage on, guuurl.