Sunday, April 20, 2008

ok computer

so friday my computer crashed. when i got it back on my internet wasn't working and things were going wacky. so, i spent 3 hours on the phone with the cable one internet guy and the hp guy (both, surprisingly, were great) and we decided that we would have to do a system recovery on the computer. i spent saturday backing up my files (i know, shame on me. i never do it) and have spent most of this afternoon reinstalling all of my software and files. phew! needless to say between the stomach flu last weekend and computer trauma this weekend, i have earned my california vacation!! we leave on wednesday and i am so excited. then again, at this point i'd probably be excited just to get out of this room!

i did get to do a few fun things this weekend, though. friday night klayton and i headed up to mandy's house in rexburg. troy (mandy's husband), carson (k's little bro) and klayton stayed with the kids and hung out while mandy and i met up with a bunch of other tietjen gals to see the new emma smith movie in the theater. it was really good and we had a lot of fun. afterward we met back up at mandy's house for dessert and girl talk. super fun night!

saturday i had the opportunity to go to an old friend's wedding reception in rexburg. klayton was working so i went with carson and his girlfriend, shellena. it was kind of bitter-sweet to see this friend. he has been klayton's best friend since the 7th grade, and one of my best friends since the day i met him, but in the last year we've done a lot of growing apart and now he and klayton are barely speaking. even though our feelings have been hurt so much, i still love this friend like one of my brothers and wish him so well with his new (gorgeous) bride. it was really emotional for me to see him still, though, and it really caught me off-guard. i guess i kind of wish that some things would never change, you know? man, growing up stinks sometimes!!

anyway, that was my weekend in a nutshell. i'm really happy to have my computer back and better than ever! i'm also grateful for my wonderful friends (past and present) and family! life is good.

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Livi said...

Computer problems: blegghh I recently went through the same thing.

Girls night and California Vaca: YEAH!!