Monday, April 21, 2008

monday bloody monday

when avery was in the hospital she had to have two blood transfusions to keep her alive and healthy. i have had a thing with needles since i was a kid (i don't know anyone who likes them), and i have always been terrified of shots/blood-draws, etc. but when i was in the hospital having avery, i had to get my blood drawn every 4 hours- and over 4 days, well, that's a lot of blood, and a girl sort of stops crying every time the 22 year-old medical student comes in with their bucket of needles, bags and band-aids after a while, so i figure i'm over my phobia, at least somewhat. anyway, the fact that avery is turning one in less than a month has got me thinking a lot about the last year and the goals i set for myself. one of the big ones that i set while avery was still in the hospital was to give blood, so i could give back and use some sort of karma to repay whoever donated their blood to save my little girl. so... i'm doing it! today!

pray for me.


Chadster and Brittster said...

I'm very proud of you, I know how much you hate needles! I should throw in a pint!

Whipple said...

i have a serious problem with needles; i've got lots of fun stories. let's just say after fainting twice while trying to give blood i've basically given up.
way to go mandy!

Livi said...

my dad is afraid of needles and I know how hard that is for him. Good for you! and Good luck!! I love that pic of Klayton and Avery.