Saturday, March 22, 2008

easter eve

i don't know who decided the date of easter this year, but i don't think that they live in idaho. if they did, they would realize that by the last week in march idaho is just beginning to think about maybe thawing sometime in the next six weeks. they would also realize that snow is not a fun accessory to an easter egg hunt. anyway, what's done is done, and, snow and frozen appendages and all, my family and i had a wonderful easter eve. this afternoon, mandy and her gang came down to idaho falls to have an easter egg hunt with us in a park near my apartment. the temperature was in the mid 30's but most of the snow melted this week with the downpour of rain we've had (rain, not snow! yay!). afterward we all came over to my apartment where we had an amazing easter dinner (ham, buttermilk biscuits, potatoes, salad and cake!) and chatted for a while. i love those guys! but (i've been saving the best for last... the suspense is killing you, isn't it?) the best part of today is that avery started crawling! for real crawling. belly off of the floor and everything. granted she can only go 2 feet until she stops to rest, but it's still very exciting stuff. and she had so much fun playing in the park this afternoon and then crawling this evening that she pooped out at 7pm! haha. i would be very excited if i didn't know that this means she'll be up tomorrow at 5am. :) i'm sure i'll have more photos to share tomorrow morning - avery is getting some pretty good loot from the easter bunny! i can't wait until she's older - then klayton and i will be able to plant easter bunny "poops" (raisins) on the floor for her to find in the morning (i always ate the "poops" as a kid and my parents have the pictures to prove it. thanks mom and dad!). happy easter!!!


Kristine said...

what a fun easter! did you do all the cooking! you amaze me. And CONGRATS to avery for crawling. thats big news! i want to see this girl in action. i guess by the time i see her she'll be crusin. i am glad to hear that the snow, rain, frost didnt stop you from an easter egg hunt!
happy spring!

Livi said...

I can't believe Idaho is still freezing with snow. Good for you for bundling the kids up and letting them go.

Melissa Braegger said...

It was so great to see you and the fam. Cannot wait to see you in May. Avery will be crawling away from you before you know it.