Monday, March 3, 2008

family home evening bust

well, we had these great plans for family home evening to go to the IF temple visitor's center and watch the joseph smith movie. it was going to be all of klayton's family, and klayton was even going to get off of work! then, since we're the only one's who live in IF, everyone was going to come over to our place for dessert. well... as anyone who has ever made plans they were excited about knows, things can fall through in a heartbeat.

and they did.

let's just say that my delicious dessert was the only thing that didn't get messed up. first klayton's parent's realized that kenny has dance on monday nights, so they were out. then carson bailed for his single's ward FHE. then, 15 minutes before the movie was supposed to start, klayton's brother, spencer, called to say they couldn't make it. well, mandy and her family were already down from rexburg, so we decided to bag the movie (we are going to try to reschedule) and just head to my place for dessert. luckily
mandy's family is a blast, so the evening was still great! elle and ava ran around the house taking pictures of random things (their favorite was our wet wipes case that had a pe
ter pan picture on front). milo gave avery crawling lessons, and we ate enough dessert for 15 people between the 6 of us who have [enough] teeth. yay for botched plans!!!


Livi said...

That sounds like SO much fun! Your treats look delish. Good for you for being flexible with plans. You're a good person/wife/mom. You made it fun anyway.

Melissa Braegger said...

Atleast the dessert went well. How did your root canal go? I have only had one and I do not have fond memories of it. Avery is so cute and she can't help that she makes funny faces like Klayton. She is a little mini me of him:) Can't wait to see you at teenage bride's wedding. That was mean sorry. Casey's wedding:)

Kristine said...

those desserts look amazing! and the little kids are adorable. what a fun family! you are so lucky to have so much family around.