Monday, March 3, 2008

more monkey monday

this weekend went by in a flash, but it was pretty great. leatherby's is demanding a little less of klayton's time, so it's been nice to see him again. saturday mallory and i went to penelope and watched old movies at my apartment until midnight. moonstruck (cher and nicholas cage) and the philidelphia story (jimmy stewart, katherine hepburn and cary grant) were on the menu, both of which are super classics. if you haven't seen them, rent them now. yesterday klayton, avery and i went to the whipple's house for dinner and it was deelish. tomorrow is going to be awful because it's my root canal day and avery has to go to the doctor because she has fluid building up in her left ear. yay! so i'm enjoying today while it lasts. we have a fun FHE with klayton's siblings planned tonight. more on that soon. here are some pics from the last couple of days!

i took this picture yesterday. avery got the rocking caterpillar for christmas from her grandma. she loves to ride on it with her daddy. this isn't the cutest picture, but i love that klayton and avery are making identical faces. derrr...

gorgeous baby girl.

this is from this morning. avery and i were playing on the floor and i got some pictures. she is such a doll.

and this is her trying to grab the camera. everything that she can get her hands on goes in her mouth.

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Livi said...

YOu're such a good mom. I wish I could come hang out with you and watch old movies. I haven't seen moonstruck but I've always wondered what the story was.