Monday, March 10, 2008

s'wonderful, s'marvelous

i have had such a fun week! it was the kind of week where you just sit back and think about all of the love in your life. i officially love:
-my wonderful husband! klayton planned and orchestrated the most relaxing and pampering night i've had in forever this weekend. he is so sweet and thoughtful and perfect.

-die cuts with a view scrapbook paper. they have the cutest stuff. my favorite is the "all dressed up" paper stack. it's glittery and glamorous and i've been making great cards with it as well as scrapbooking my fam photos! check them out at

-sending mail. i love getting mail more, but i have been obsessed with sending cards lately. it's just so fun to let people know that you are thinking about them and that you love them.

-penelope, for the second time in as many weeks! this love affair may have something to do with another of my loves, james macavoy. deelish. go see it if you haven't yet!
-my hysterical and adorable kid. she is doing this thing lately where (no joke) she growls. she'll start out making some cute baby noise, and then end in this breathy growl. it is so funny. i totally don't get it.
-my new gym, anytime fitness. i've done the big athletic club thing recently, and i have to admit that i love my small, cozy gym so much more. it's intimate, it's cute, AND it's 24/7. i have my own key and everything. muahaha. but the best part is that there is a mini tv on every cardio machine, and there is nothing better than running and watching scrubs reruns simultaneously.
soo... i have been thinking about all of the great people and things in my life a lot lately. i have too much to be grateful for to ever sweat the small stuff. this is all kind of random i guess, but i feel so blessed lately and i just wanted to share. hope everyone out there is counting their blessings as well. xo


Jane said...

Mandy!!!! I love you!!! That gym sounds dreamy. I wanna work out with you. I guess I need to see Penelope. Totally trust your movie reviews. Glad you had a good week. You are lovely.

Livi said...

Wonderful husband - sounds well, wonderful. Wish I had one

Cute notebooks and paper - probably the best things in the world next to love, johnny depp and chocolate

Mail - the very very best. Makes my heart sing. Not to mention a sweet little note I received via snail mail the other day wink wink

Penelope - want to see it oh so bad!

Gym - yeah for watching tv while you work out