Wednesday, March 5, 2008

the office

what a day! after one of the worst nights i've spent with avery ever (she has an infection in both ears, poor thing, and her root-canaled mama was cranky!) my sweet hubby let me sleep in until he had to run off to work. a couple of hours later he picked up his two gals and we went to check out his brand new office! we spent the rest of the afternoon picking up stuff for his diggs and grabbing a bite to eat (i love free and delicious leatherby's food!!)! then my sexy sister came over to hang for a bit and now i'm watching american idol (i can't help myself) and waiting for the season finale of PROJECT RUNWAY (holler!!!). hope everyone is having a day as nice and chill as mine! xo

pics: it's all about my better half! there's klayton walking up the stairs to his office. then it's klayton's trump face as he sits on his desk before we unpacked. then it's his adorable stuffed face with my favorite leatherby's menu item - the turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce! deeelish.


a.k.a. Lou said...

I like the "Trump" look. Hey, maybe Emma and I could invite ourselves over for American Idol night or something. We'll bring treats even.

Livi said...

Sounds like a perfect day. Klayton's office looks cool!