Saturday, August 13, 2011

such a funny pair

Ahh these two.
We just finished two weeks of swim lessons at the aquatic center with our favorite Rexburg cousins and I have to say that am in love with this picture of Milo and Avery.
Remember these two way back when? That seriously feels like a lifetime ago.
Or what about this!? Or this!?!
I just can't wrap my head around how quickly these guys are growing up.
But until they get drivers licenses and (worse) snippy attitudes they are just loving life, each other, and pinching their swim teacher's nose for her when she dunks her head underwater. Which I am sure she loved. All 300 times they did it.
And speaking of growing up...Elle is going into the third grade, and Ava is in first! And my little baby girl is not so little somehow anymore.

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Jane said...

aw cute kiddos! so fun to be swimming all the time as a kid!