Tuesday, August 30, 2011

lightning round

A few updates:
+Getting a head cold in the summer is just not right.
+Getting a head cold in the summer at the same time as my two children and husband means that I get to be everyone's favorite sneezing nurse!! Is this because I caught the cold last, and, therefore, am in a sort of "Finders, Keepers; Losers, Weepers" situation? No. No it's not. But it would be a little more fair if that were the case. I might stop thinking pathetic thoughts about how much I want someone to tuck me in and bring me soup, because at least then I would have lost fair and square!
+I'm whiney when I'm sick.
+I am becoming afraid of my garden. Especially my squash plants. Every time I reach into one to pull out a scary-big zucchini I have the distinct feeling that the plant could pull me in and gobble me up if it wanted to.
+Also, I watch Little Shop of Horrors when I am sick.
+I made this last night with said home grown zucchini and it was delicious with a poached egg on top.
+I have also made zucchini chocolate chip cookies and brownies in the last week.
+Before I caught this cold I bought some Swiss chard and beets at the Farmer's Market- two things I have never-before cooked. Am hoping to make this soup with the chard tomorrow. Tonight I am roasting the beets and serving them on top of a salad made from the beet greens.
+I am almost more afraid of cooked beets than I am of my squash plants.
+A good friend lent her Veggie Tales collection to Avery, and she is in love! I have never seen these things before, but they are pretty clever.
+They also feed my recently-founded fear of plants and vegetables.

I should probably go back to bed now.

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Anonymous said...

now that you have seen veggie tales, i am totally going to give you their christmas specials. they are both (there are two) some of my favorite christmas shows, up there with the muppets christmas carol.

i'm sorry you're sick. and i'm sorry that i didn't get to try your zucchini chocolate chip cookies. why can't the midwest be next door to your kitchen?